Hi we’re dino design

Designing effective communication for brands & companies.

We’re dino design, We specialize in clutter-free communication that connects with your audience. It will get people involved and can be instrumental in:

  • selling your company or brand experience,
  • initiating behavioural change,
  • supporting (in company) learning,
  • encouraging knowledge sharing.

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we encourage meaningful connections

It all depends on your goals, your identity & values, your message and your audience. These subjects define your strategy and ways to connect. It could be a mix of print, online, video, VR, e-learning or even an exhibition display. It could be an identity, a campaign, a promotion, games or something completely different. Contact us today to discuss how our creativity can help you to connect with your audience.

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we like to create involvement

In our 30+ years, we worked for and are still working for global, national and regional companies & brands. You can find our work all over the globe (well, on 5 continents, at least). Contact us and we’ll show you some specifics

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common sense + creative passion

We have experience in a wide range of business areas, such as finance, pharma, consumer electronics, government, healthcare, the music & broadcasting industries, trucks & cars, search engines, energy, sports, safety, catering and (online) retail. We’re also into change management, behavioural change, new ways of working, sustainability and education.

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challenge us to resolve your challenge

Why dino? Our clients like our down-to-earth, common sense approach in creative communications. And our way of building lasting relationships between brands/companies and audiences/workers, based on realistic expectations and mutual respect. You don’t have to take our word. Get your own dino experience!

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effective communication

Some free advice for effective, common sense communication.

  • Make sure you identify the real problem. Keep asking questions until you find it.
  • Identify the trigger for change. (Change is born out of usefulness or necessity.)
  • Always strive for meaningful relationships. Make sure you can maintain them.
  • Manage expectations. WYSIWYG.
  • Make sure there is commitment from within (you – your company – your brand).
  • Be true & be loyal. Don’t try to outsmart your audience.
  • It’s all about the message. Keep it simple.
  • Telling stories is good. Experiencing them is even better.
  • Make it as personal as possible.
  • Learn by doing, embrace feedback & adjust if necessary.
  • Share your knowledge – Pay it forward.

Feel free to share!

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any questions? just ask dino!